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Green and Gone - North Texas Medical Waste Management Facility TCEQ Registration Application




The Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) biohazardous treatment systems uses one of the most environmentally friendly methods for treatment of regulated medical waste (RMW). The moist heat disinfection technology using steam and microwave energy was green before being green was cool.

Green Advantages of the Micro-Waste™ Disinfection System include:

  • All air emission go through a pre-filter, High Efficiency Particulate Filter (HEPA) and a carbon filter resulting in no regulated atmospheric emissions;
  • There are no liquid waste drains;
  • The waste is disinfected using steam and microwave energy;
  • No chemicals are used; and,
  • The waste is reduced in volume by up to 80%.

One clients' use of the MDS® system for onsite treatment of its RMW in lieu of transport off-site and disposal by incineration provides the following positive environmental impacts over a 20-year lifetime:

  • AVERTS the unnecessary use of over 2,000,000 cardboard boxes weighing more than 4,300 tons equivalent to 221,000 trees, for packaging the waste for shipment
  • AVERTS the unnecessary use of 110,000 gallons of diesel for transporting the waste for incineration
  • AVERTS the following air pollutants of incineration
    • 41,000 pounds of nitrous oxides
    • 8,700 pounds of sulfur dioxide
    • 8,700 pounds of particulate matter
    • 4,100 pounds of carbon monoxide
    • 960 pounds of acid gases
    • 91 pounds of lead
    • 36 pounds of mercury




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