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Green and Gone - North Texas Medical Waste Management Facility TCEQ Registration Application




Medical Waste Treatment Services Using Approved Microwave Moist Heat Disinfection Technology

Green and Gone LLC ® is currently permitting its medical waste treatment facility.



Micro-Waste Corporation®, Green and Gone LLC's® parent company, has fulfilled the requirements of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to offer and perform engineering services (Texas Registration No. F-462). Micro-Waste also employs a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) to support clients. Green and Gone LLC® is authorized by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers as a branch office to perform engineering services to its clients.



Based on over 29 years of national and international expertise in the medical waste industry, Green and Gone LLC® personnel provide consulting services to clients in medical waste regulation and treatment such as at a medical waste facility, segregation, packaging, transportation and treatment of bio-hazardous and medical waste.

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